BHS AcDec Accolades!

The BHS Academic Decathlon team, coached by Dan Zavorka, competed Saturday, November 14th, in a virtual meet with more than 30 schools and 420 students. Bandera came in second losing only to Oakwood, the perpetual state champion of Ohio for the past 10 years. Bandera came within 220 points of first place.
The top 5 teams were, 1. Ohio's Oakwood, 2. Bandera, 3. The Colony, 4. Arizona's Canyon Del Oro and 5. Frisco Reedy.
Medals, ribbons, and plaques will be received for the subjects listed by the following students:
Mathematics: Luke Bitzkie 6th, Christian McKnelly 3rd, Samuel Nimmrichter 4th
Music: Michelle Linson 6th, Christian McKnelly 1st
Economics: Luke Bitzkie 6th, Rebecca Ellingson 4th Christian McKnelly 2nd, Samuel Nimmrichter 2nd
Science: Luke Bitzkie 4th, Rebecca Ellingson 5th, Christian McKnelly 2nd
Literature: Rebecca Ellingson 2nd, Christian McKnelly 6th
Art: Christian McKnelly 6th
Social Science: Luke Bitzkie 3rd, Rodrigo Gutierrez Gonzalez 4th, Riley Longobardi 6th, Christian McKnelly 3rd, Samuel Nimmrichter 4th.
Additionally the following three students will receive plaques for high overall scores.
- Samuel Nimmrichter 4th overall varsity
- Rebecca Ellingson 4th overall scholastic
- Christian McKnelly 1st overall honors.